Matin Kamran

This is an amazing Chocolate bar flavors!! One of my favorites by far!!! The taste honestly makes me think of chicken lmao..

Deborah Lindmar

I have severe arthritis and chronic pain just about everyday. Because of medical psychedelic infused bars, especially Chocolate, I’m able to take on the day. True, clear best yet for pain….

Suzy Sunshine

Love this products clear, focused head high, but I think it made me have a panic attack…

Mike B.

Ultimate wake-n-bake. Great for anxiety disorders, pain management, and keeps you productive. A+..

Olivia Phoenix

The Chocolate bars lives up to its name he gets you high and let you go…

Guy Curnor

One of my new favorites! Great buzz!….

Quinn Steer

Nice mellow high, helps with anxiety and a perfect afternoon flavor. For me it just empties the clutter in my mind, and brightens the mood…

Danella K.

Honestly up there as one of my fave chocolate bars flavors along with cake face and blue dream. It’s delicious and the effects leave me feeling blissful and euphoric…

Jo Banzon

I don’t usually write comments or reviews about an article, social media post, or YouTube videos, and yet here I am thanks to this strain. Happy Holidaze…

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